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Rakesh Gupta
Berry Chair of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Gupta's research is directed mainly at understanding the (non-Newtonian) flow behavior of polymer solutions, polymer melts, solid-in-liquid suspensions and emulsions. In addition to explaining observed phenomena, the knowledge gained is of use in modeling operations used to process these materials. Consequently, one can relate process conditions to structure and the structure to properties. This allows one to engineer materials with enhanced properties. Such an approach has been employed to examine and modify such diverse materials as fiber-reinforced plastics, lubricants, wall joint compounds, thermal grease, ceramic slurries, polymer blends, wood/plastic composites and nanocomposites. Current work is related to mixing and emulsification of processed foods, the development of drilling fluids for deep hole drilling for oil and gas, the use of polymers for carbon dioxide capture, explaining the barrier properties of graphene-based nanocomposites and understanding the flammability properties of polymer-matrix composites.